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AO "Abiogroup" is a unique enterprise "Biotek" - the only plant for processing biowaste livestock and poultry farms in the North-West region of Russia.

Our company was founded in 2008, for 10 years we are worthy to represent their products on the stern Russian market.

In 2012, it was built and put into operation in our plant biotechnology "BIOTEK" - the only plant in North-West Russia with modern equipment, processing biological waste livestock and poultry farms Russia.

Following the veterinary and sanitary requirements gathering and processing of biological waste, the company receives a safe protein-rich meat and bone meal, taking off from cattle farms, poultry farms, meat processing plants and other enterprises waste problem.; caring for nature, keeping animals, water, land and soil resources.


AGROSPROM for 20 years occupied the leading position in Russia as

- supplier of breeding material and hatching eggs,

- supplier of feed additives - adsorbents of mycotoxins, vitamins, veterinary drugs, probiotics, etc.,

- supplier of poultry equipment.

AGROSPROM since 2004 for managers and specialists

publishes annual address and telephone directories:



   containing business addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and sites:

- the names of acting, directors, chief livestock specialists, veterinarians and engineers,

- companies supplying breeding material

- companies supplying feed additives and veterinary drugs

- equipment suppliers.

- calendar of events industry.


Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons and co-founder Mrs. Deirdre Lyons, Alltech delivers smarter, more sustainable solutions for agriculture. Our products improve the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for consumers and a decreased environmental impact.

Alltech is a private, family-owned company, which allows us to adapt quickly to our customers’ needs and maintain focus on advanced innovation. Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Alltech has a strong presence in all regions of the world.

With expertise in yeast fermentation, solid state fermentation and the sciences of nutrigenomics and metabolomics, Alltech is a leading producer of yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premix and feed.


Eсokremniy is a scientific production enterprise, producing  synthetic high purity silicon dioxides under the trademark «Kovelos».

The feed additives  and premixes for farm animals and poultry are produced based on the synthetic silicon dyoxides.

When developing and producing products, the principle of increasing the productivity of farm animals without harming their health is put in priority.


The company EUROVETPHARM is one of the leading companies on the market of veterinary medicines and feed additives.

EUROVETPHARM presents and promotes new generation medicines and feed additives to the domestic market providing support to partners.

EUROVETPHARM is the exclusive distributor of companies SP Veterinaria s.a. (Spain), Dr. Eckel (Germany), Vemo 99 (Bulgaria), Korea Thumb Vet Co., LTD (South Korea), Aether Centre (Beijing) Biology Co., LTD (China). EUROVETPHARM is launching a line of antibacterial medicines manufactured in Russia on the production site certified according to GMP standards.


Evoteck Srl means many years of experience in the international market for the construction of livestock farms and high Italian quality zootechnical equipment. The company uses its own innovative solutions and it is specialized in the design and construction of modern high-tech PIG COMPLEXES and "TURNKEY" POULTRY FACTORIES, SLAUGHTERING HOUSES, BIOGAS and WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTSEvoteck does not disregard the issues of FARM WASTES RECYCLING, introducing effective, affordable and quickly payback technologies. By this reason the client does not receive 3rd class danger wastes, but a ready-made organic odorless fertilizer with a balanced content of basic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium), meso and micro elements. This product can be used for own needs or sold on the fertilizer market. Separately, I would like to note that each of the implemented waste processing technologies has already been introduced in Russia.Evoteck means, first of all, high quality, affordable technologies and an individual approach!


FeedConsult is an exclusive distributor of European producers of high quality feed additives for farm animals.

We offer:

- effective feed solutions,

- complex laboratory tests,

- comprehensive technical support by local and foreign specialists at all stages of cooperation

- training of your employees right at your farm and abroad. 

We guarantee product quality, prompt delivery and best prices!


Фермерское хозяйство Глебовское специализируется на производстве качественных растительных кормов для животных – гранулированной витаминной травяной муки из многолетних бобовых и бобово-злаковых. Так же, компания производит ВТМ из крапивы двудомной. Наши поля и производство расположено вблизи г. Переславль-Залесский Ярославской области.

FSBE , National Fish Safety Federal state budgetary establishment National Centre for Safety of aquatic fisheries products and aquaculture


Implementation of the state policy in the field of food safety, including aquatic products and aquaculture.

Ensuring the activities of the Rosselkhoznadzor, its territorial administrations and its subordinate organizations in the field of examination, research and surveys in the field of food safety, including products of the aquatic industry and aquaculture.


Gatchinsky KKZ is one of the largest compound feed producers in North-West region. The range of products includes compound feed for cattle and poultry, aquaculture. Also the company produces dry and wet petfood for cats and dogs.


The «Golden Feed» company brings to your attention liquid feed additives of the Belarusian production "Proformatsid". Additives are used for ensuring hygiene of watering of animals and a bird, acidulation of dry and damp feeds, conservation of grain and a haylage of high humidity.

      Quality acids and salts of production of Germany and Sweden are a part of a product. The mobility of production allows to add or remove acids at the request of the client.


Our company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of Feed Ingredients, Additives and Raw Materials, as well as products for animal health. The products we can afford include Vitamins, Amino Acids, Phosphorus Chemical Products, Trace Elements, Functional Feed Additives, and Growth Promotion. The best quality and service is our advantage, we’d like to be your partner from China.


Hebei Shengmei Medical Technology CO.,Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company based in China, dedicated in exporting рharmaceuticals, including APIs, vitamins, feed additives and finished drugs. With almost 20 years’ experience, we are always able to find appropriate sources for our clients. We look forward to becoming your trustful supplier.


Sale of veterinary medicines


The company develops software in the field of feeding and keeping poultry and farm animals. Provides consulting services on feeding, conduct the training for the optimization of rations. Implements software systems "Feed Optima Expert", "Avis", "OPTIMIT"


Life Force is devoted to research and production of humic acids products for healthy nutrition of plants, animals and humans. Reasil® technology by Life Force provides high animal productivity, veterinary safety and product quality. Life Force mission: from healthy animals to healthy people.


Mixscience is an international corporation with a head office in France and production sites in France, Poland, Turkey, Brazil and Cameroon.

   Mixscience won international renown thanks to its premixes for cattle, pigs, poultry, rabbits and aquaculture. At the present time the company manufactures 92 000 tons of premixes annually, and this volume is enough for production of 8.1 million tons of compound feed.

    In addition, the company develops and produces a wide range of feed additives in powder and liquid form.

    Mixscience has developed nutritional methods and concepts thanks to its researchers that help optimize flora or reinforce the animals' immune defences, improve production quality and levels and overall animal health.


MK-AGROTORG has been a Russian developer and manufacturer of feed additives, detergents and disinfectants since 2014. Our activity is aimed at import substitution and providing enterprises of the agricultural sector, processing industry, dairies with high-quality and modern facilities, which allows us to produce environmentally friendly products. nutrition.
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