Plenary Sessions

Summit ‘AGRARIAN POLICY OF RUSSIA: meat market, state and prospects of the industry in the new conditions’

Summit ‘AGRARIAN POLICY OF RUSSIA: meat market, state and prospects of the industry in the new conditions’

Meat and Poultry Industry Summit aims to satisfy your demand in learning about most recent trends and solutions in meat and poultry sector: 

  • Meat industry readiness to recent epidemic risks? Labor security and new methods of food production. 

  • Main trends in domestic meat consumption 

  • Most promising export destinations 

  • Meat industry marketing 

  • New trends in food logistics. Upgrading your supply chains 

  • New types of packaging 

  • Digital economy. How digital solutions may affect the industry? 

  • Organic and eco-friendly livestock

Meat and Poultry Industry Russia Summit is a unique platform for complete education and networking experience with industry stakeholders and think tanks. It will be held in May 28-30, 2024, at Crocus Expo in Moscow, alongside with Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2024 exhibition.

Meat and Poultry Industry Summit will be held for its 9th time.. During the two days of its work, plenary sessions and meetings will be held to discuss state policy issues on supporting and developing the agricultural complex in current conditions, working towards a consolidated position of government and business on issues related to state support for meat and poultry production , as well as an outlook for the development of agriculture in the context of bio-security, food safety, product quality and export potential of the industry.

The delegates of the Summit are: C-level management and specialists of agricultural holdings, Russian state agriculture authorities and regulatory entities, Industry Associations and Unions, think tanks, experts, data analysts, investors, entrepreneurs and top managers working in the agricultural sector.

During the course of Summit, we will organize specialized sessions for turkey breeding, poultry farming, pig breeding, feed production, farm animal health, as well as on eco-and biologically active food products.

The Summit focuses on the transition of innovative technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the meat and poultry industry.

Meat and Poultry Industry Russia invites the Industry professionals engaged in:

  • Poultry, live production and pig farms and plants

  • Agricultural holdings and meat processing companies

  • Producers and suppliers of handling and housing technologies and equipment

  • Producers and suppliers of feed, feed additives, animal health preparations, tools and equipment

  • Producers and suppliers of meat and poultry processing, cooling equipment and technologies

  • Suppliers of raw materials, feed ingredients and packaging

  • Special logistics and freight forwarding companies

  • Retail companies

  • Scientific and research institutions

  • Banking, consulting, leasing and financial companies

Who should attend:

  • C-level executives and business owners

  • Corporate Strategy, GR and Marketing leaders

  • Live production and processing technology personnel

  • Veterinarians, nutritionists

  • Corporate QA/QC, R&D personnel

  • Professionals interested in funding or acquiring new tech

  • Looking for potential investors or inclined to invest into agriculture