“Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019". Understanding culinary trends is essential to meet the consumers’ demand


Russian food consumers have essentially changed their course of behavior in the last few years. The key trend today is the commitment for keeping a healthy lifestyle. A growing number of Russians are now seeking for “healthy”, “natural”, “high-quality”, or “eco-friendly/organic” food.

At the same time, residents of the first tier cities and metropolises and large cities often do not have enough time to cook homemade food. So, they are used to get a feel for domestic and foreign culinary innovations in cafeteria and restaurants. Therefore, many people want to realize their dream for cooking favorite meals by themselves when choosing food for their home use.

However, its not an easy task to reproduce them. Professional chefs use many specific seasonings, sauces, etc. in their practice to flavor their meals in distinctive manner. You will need necessary ingredients, apart from your cooking skills, to reproduce the recipe at home. Purchasing them via retail is not always possible.

It is these important trends that are responsible for the growing popularity of frozen meals and ready-to-cook foods. Consumer preferences within this category are also changing dynamically: a trend towards healthy lifestyle dictates the need for eating low-calorie protein including fish, turkey meat, chicken breast, quail, etc.

On the other hand, for many consumers there is a stigma attached against semi-finished products. Such an attitude dates back to those far-off days when it was not easy to purchase high-quality and tasty products of this category. Anyway, thinking outside the box is a challenging task. And facilitating a solution is exactly what a company wants who is hosting the International trade show “Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019” that will be held on May 28–30 at Crocus Expo, Moscow.

The host of the recognized industry event is Asti Group, a company having 18 years of experience of exhibition promoting activities and partnering with the largest Western exhibition venues, including the Dutch VIV partnership dating back years. Asti Group has international expertise in the agro-industrial sector which empowers the company to effectively translate the industry-specific processes from the language of global trends into projects and solutions that are transparent for businesses.

“Despite ongoing marketing research, manufacturers today often lack contact with the consumers, their feedback, and understanding of actual requests,” says Nariner Bagmanyan, Head of Asti Group. “Many companies indeed produce high-quality competitive products using the state-of-the-art equipment, processing and packaging technologies, but they do not always know how to convey its advantages to their customers. Moreover: in many cases, manufacturers themselves do not fully understand the promise of their products. We are willing to help them in bridging the gap that exists.”

In order for Russian manufacturers to produce truly modern competitive products, it is also necessary to keep in mind that another global trend exists. In the past decade, experts from different countries have revealed a tendency towards internationalization, interpenetration and mutual enrichment of various culinary cultures. To provide better insight in the current state of the industry the trade show “Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019” will include Discover Russian Cuisine, a fascinating professional gastronomic show. Renowned chefs from all over the world are invited to participate. They will cook using products provided by local Russian manufacturers who are exhibitors at the trade show.

During the gastronomic show, masters of high culinary will demonstrate how you can cook from poultry, pork, beef, etc. using both traditional and modern European and Asian recipes and marinade. After talking with the professionals, manufacturers will also learn secrets on the use of the innovative marinade line with special functional ingredients, natural spices and seasonings produced by the Engineering Center "Protein-Product”. “Center of Innovative Perspective” holds the Exclusive rights to sell these culinary products. Today, marinades are exported to different countries worldwide, in particular, Michelin chefs use them in their practice. They will demonstrate their best practices of cooking various meat dishes just at the exhibition.

Another important aspect of the industrial-scale production of fast food and ready-to-cook foods is to have the professional equipment available. This year, the trade show “Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019” will represent many technological innovations. Thus, JBT FoodTech, a global leader in the manufacture of food processing equipment, a North American company with corporate presence around the world will demonstrate the Formcook Contact Cooker system implementing the principle of continuous product preparation between two bands. This method is ideal when baking meat products (including those from minced meat), because highly intensive heat transfer is used at 260 °C on the upper and lower sides of the product. The system uses a special non-stick tape that prevents sticking. This results in high quality food, also due to the fact that the product is prepared in its own juice. The system is equally used with success in the processing of vegetables, seafood, and ready-to-cook foods.

“We strive to ensure that Russian manufacturers could increase the profitability of their businesses through deeper understanding of the current consumption trends,” Nariner Bagmanyan says. “They can make use of this opportunity, in particular, due to getting acquainted with innovative technologies and methods of cooking products.”