Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019 is Looking for Ways to Increase the Agricultural Sector Export Potential


In May 2019, Meat and Poultry Industry Russia 2019 will be held in Moscow. For the period of its work it has become an important industry event. In 2017 the exhibition was attended by 7,500 agricultural specialists from 79 countries of the world and from 73 Russian regions. Heads and specialists of agricultural holdings, farms, federal and regional management structures in agriculture, scientists and representatives of legislative authorities, analysts, investors meet to develop consolidated solutions regarding the development of Russia’s agricultural sector, to find answers to the most important issues facing the industry. This year, the exhibition participants will focus on the problems of increasing the domestic agriculture export potential.

Russian agriculture in recent years has been steadily expanding its export capacity. In 2018 it grew by 27% up to 54.8 million tonnes, of fresh vegetables—by 23% and amounted to 135 thousand tonnes, livestock—by 90% and amounted to 24.7 millions dollars (2 millions dollars in 2010), meat and offals (all types)—by 18.8% up to 307 thousand tonnes. Almost all the agricultural segments demonstrate growth. This trend has been observed over the past four years and complies with one of President Vladimir Putin’s May decrees, which are flagships for the Russian economy. According to this document, the agricultural sector has a strategic task to increase the export of agricultural products in financial terms to $45 billion by 2024. This global goal may be achieved under a number of conditions. These include not only production, processing, storage of products, which are competitive in the world markets, development of transport and logistics infrastructure but also improvement of numerous related services. In particular, this means product packaging.

In international trade, prior to a transaction, the parties agree on such a method of product packaging that guarantees its integrity, the possibility of delivery within the agreed timeframe. The choice of a particular packaging method should be based on the sensitivity of a particular product to transportation, stocking, storage and sales conditions, applicable regulations, delivery conditions and other factors. It is especially important to observe these conditions when exporting food products.

On 28–29 May 2019, during the Summit (a business part of the exhibition), the subject of National Export Strategy. Interaction between State and Business in the Sphere of Agricultural Products Export will be discussed. The leading experts will discuss the problems faced by Russian exporters of both finished products and raw materials. In particular, the issues of packaging and marketing will be discussed: what should be taken into account when packaging B2C products, which national specific features must be considered when branding the goods, which colours are preferred in different regions of the world, etc.

Speakers will share their knowledge and practical experience in packaging and product design. The panel discussion will feature speeches of leading Russian and foreign experts and representatives of exporting companies. They will tell about the current situation with the supply of agricultural products abroad and about the difficulties faced by new players of the export segment of the Russian agricultural sector.