VIC Group of Companies boosts sanitizers production at is factory in Belgorod (Russia)

VIC Group launched the production of aseptic disinfectants intended for hygienic processing of the skin of the hands, sanitary treatment of the skin of the personnel. The production is designed to employees involved in of microbiological, pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic productions, agricultural producers, meat plants and other food industry and trade enterprises, educational organizations , public services as well as the whole population of the country. 

The company promptly refitted one of the sections of their facility to produce liquid sanitizers under the DOCTOR VIC brand name. High qualification and vast experience of engineers and technologists of the company allowed to launch the project in such a short time. The production has in 4 types of packaging.

The company is now registering new disinfectants suitable for various purposes, and also launching the automation of production to keep up with the demand.