World meat market trends and Russian Agro-Industrial Sector (APC) will be discussed at annual special exhibition again.

World meat market trends and Russian Agro-Industrial Sector (APC) will be discussed at annual special exhibition again.

24 January 2020

Source: Asti Group Press Office

The International exhibition “Meat & Poultry Industry Russia/VIV 2020” will be in Moscow “Crocus Expo” on May 26-28 2020. Russian and foreign companies will present their innovations in APC sphere and will discuss some problems of the industry profitability also, new feeds, the governmental support funds accessibility and other problems that are important for the branch.

Professional participants and attendees.

The companies that produce and supply feeds, veterinary preparations, the equipment for production, and the decision developers in agricultural product processing, packaging and delivery to consumers will take part in this exhibition as speakers, exhibitors and visitors. In 2019 more than 7500 experts from more than 70 countries presented at the event. We expect increase of exhibitors and visitors quantity in 2020. The companies from Belarus, Germany, Denmark, India, Iran, Spanish, Italy, Canada, China, Lithuanian, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey and Japan have already confirmed their participation.

The New Comers

Debutants will be at 2020-Exhibition too. The Brazilian Renderers Association and Malaysian companies that are interested in relationship with Russian producers will take part in the event for the first time ever.

The current issues

Three-day business program of the Meat & Poultry Industry Russia/VIV 2020 Exhibition includes consideration of a range of problems that are actual for market producers and suppliers. The events are divided at three thematic blocks - “Production”, “Economics”, “Technologies”. Each of them contains themes and issues selection for discussion.

Production: The growth volumes and potential, trends in domestic consumption, the world market possibilities, the export prospective directions, meat branch enterprises development, industry production cycles, labor organization, feed production and feeding, product standardization, the actual characteristics of consumers and sale channels.

Economics: Factors that influence at profitability, small business introduction in production chains, cooperation models and their economic practicability, the new enterprises governmental support programs, meat husbandry myths and realities, some prospective niches (organic husbandry), financing (budget and borrowed funds, investments, governmental support), some risks and their overcoming possibilities, business profitability foundation stones, price forecasts.

Technologies: Digital farming solutions (the potential and costs, introduction challenges, the governmental program), product labelling, modern technologies introduction in conditions of consumer demand drop (risks and possibilities), the production complex automatization, the new technologies in veterinary medicine and artificial insemination, the branch technology specificity, real importance of innovations.

Narine Bagmanyan, the president of the “Asty Group” exhibition company:

“The market gamers take part in the industry events to receive answers at the issues that are actual for their business, to understand its development vectors, to determine trends for work, and also to find possibilities for their company growth. The industry is going through difficult times: requirements for product quality and safety becomes stricter worldwide, and business must be reformed in accordance with new consumer demand. This process is difficult and risky, and our task is to help the market gamers to surf the informational sea, to find the partners needed, to make exports connections, to make decision necessary for business. We collect feedback for it and adjust the exhibition in accordance with exhibitors and visitors needs. We have organized some thematic pavilions this year for small companies, have increased business-area for conversation. We have increased participant list. Some companies from South America and South East Asia will visit the Exhibition firstly. We sure 2020 year Exhibition will be even more innovational, productive and profitable for participants and visitors”.

The effective tools only


The Summit “Agrarian politics of Russia. Current situation and future” will be hold within business program. The event prove itself as experience exchanging area for agrarian business representatives. Interaction has already been established here between businessmen and government agencies, constructive dialogue is ongoing at the level of regions and countries, decisions are being formed for agrarian sector development.

Roundtable Area

Business-area for conversation – Roundtable Area – will begin its work from the first day. The partners will be able to discuss business issues in informal atmosphere. The area had been presented during the Exhibition last year and was very popular: all time slots for every day had been reserved.

Roundtable Area will be even more effective this year. Larger area will be for participants and attendees, it will be more slots for advance reservation with time limits, tea, coffee and other drinks, and full services complex for conversation support. The request with data and time indication may be applied through the blank at the Exhibition site

New formats

Thematic pavilions

8 special thematic pavilions will work at the Exhibition for the first time.

- Digital farming solutions

- Feed additives

- Product quality control. Laboratory equipment.

- Animals hygiene. Veterinary medicine.

- Feed culture seeds

- Refrigeration equipment

- Food ingredients

- Genetics. Breeding work.

Even companies with minimal budget will be able to show their production at their stands thanks to this format. But it is not all: equipped space of the thematic pavilion gives the possibility for such exponents to carry out seminars, round tables, master classes and to find their partners and customers.

Client days

Another 2020 year novation is the possibility to carry out the company “client day” as part of the Exhibition for more partners and customers attraction. Many of market gamers carry out regional seminars during all the year to gather target audience and to exchange experience, to present technological and product innovations. The Exhibition give exponent possibility to do something alike but without additional costs of time and budget. This is the optimal decision for any business.

See you at the Meat & Poultry Industry Russia/VIV 2020 Exhibition in Moscow, May 26 to 28, 2020.