MAP Russia & VIV 2022

MAP Russia & VIV 2022

9 July 2021

MAP Russia & VIV 2022 is going to accept more than 400 exhibitors from 36 countries. Based on statistic as well, more than 8.500 specialists in poultry, turkey-farming, animal breeding areas from Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Near East, South and North America will attend MAP Russia & VIV 2022, they are – poultry farmers, breeders, veterinarians, farmers, nutritionists and food manufactures who are the main visitors of the exhibition.

Interaction of the organizers of MAP Russia & VIV “Asti Group” Exhibition Company with the regional export support centers and entrepreneurship fulfills the main mission of the project – to bring the opportunity for participation to the wide range of organizations including the governments’ co-financing, it also opens the opportunity for business to position and to increase sales of their product, making it more stable and competitive.

“Agrarian policy of Russia” summit will have round the high qualified experts in Agro-industry. The list of topics for the 2022 Summit is still in developing but the one is “Digital control and smart manufacturing”.

Competitions within the MAP Russian & VIV: “The best traditional product”, “The latest technologies and services for poultry and animal breeding” and the new competition which was announced on the 2021 exhibition – “The secure and quality of the product”.

“The Food Salon” will be represented by food manufactures from various regions of the Russian Federation which are going to reach external and internal markets (to find out regional partners, to position the product using the modern and safe technologies).

MAP Russia & VIV 2022 is going to pleasant its’ visitors with the new event: MAP Russia Tour. A thematic excursion for the branch specialists to demonstrate and present their novelties.

The exhibition, the Summit and business program events are aimed to increase the quality and safety of a final product of the whole chain of production “from field to table”.

The main mission of MAP Russia & VIV 2022 – to bring the opportunity for a wide range agro- industrial companies to open the new possibilities in positioning the innovative products and technologies for Russian and foreign consumers “offline” on one site.

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions on the Summits’ topics and a business program.

See you on MAP Russia & VIV 2022, March 15-17!