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The All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center (FGBU «VNIIKR») is a respected scientific and expert center of international importance that performs scientific, methodological, and practical activities of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the field of plant quarantine. The branches of FGBU VNIIKR are located in 31 regions of Russia.

The Scientific Center meets modern requirements. Every year, more than 1,5 million tests of imported and domestic regulated products are held here. The employees of FGBU “VNIIKR” not only carry out pest risk analysis in accordance with international requirements, but they also provide economic feasibility - what kind of losses can be caused by the introduction of a pest into the territory of our country.

The research results of FGBU “VNIIKR” are used by Rosselkhoznadzor in everyday practical work ensuring the food safety of the Russian Federation. The Training Center with its own postgraduate course has been established in the Center.

Scientists and specialists of FGBU “VNIIKR” are the authors of unique digital projects in the field of plant protection and quarantine: "Videopedia “Quarantine Pests” and "Online practice of plant protection", highly recognized by specialists and received the status of international reference documents and study guides.

International cooperation of FGBU “VNIIKR” develops from year to year. Participation of the Center's specialists in international conferences, in the work of European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), in the meetings of expert working groups, as well as the Sessions of the EPPO Council and FAO meetings has become a tradition.

The specialists of the All-Russia Plant Quarantine Center undergo internships at leading scientific institutions in Russia and worldwide. They visit foreign countries as part of the official delegations of Rosselkhoznadzor. During these visits, the specialists determine whether the phytosanitary control system of exporting countries ensures that the phytosanitary requirements of the Russian Federation are met.


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