162550, Россия, Вологодская область, Шекснинский район, Индустриальный парк «Шексна», строение 2
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AO "Abiogroup" is a unique enterprise "Biotek" - the only plant for processing biowaste livestock and poultry farms in the North-West region of Russia.

Our company was founded in 2008, for 10 years we are worthy to represent their products on the stern Russian market.

In 2012, it was built and put into operation in our plant biotechnology "BIOTEK" - the only plant in North-West Russia with modern equipment, processing biological waste livestock and poultry farms Russia.

Following the veterinary and sanitary requirements gathering and processing of biological waste, the company receives a safe protein-rich meat and bone meal, taking off from cattle farms, poultry farms, meat processing plants and other enterprises waste problem.; caring for nature, keeping animals, water, land and soil resources.