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ABRA - Brazilian Renderers Association is an entity that represents for 80 percent of the national production of animal rendering products.

The association drives the Brazilian animal rendering sector through strategic actions that develop potential for insertion and competition in the international scenario, ensuring quality, health and sustainability


Innovative company "AgroCompost" LLC developed technology "Accelerated composting of organic waste". The biological accelerator "Ferment of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria" was developed for fermentation of wastes. 

Consuming organic waste as a food substrate, microorganisms multiply, compost pile is heated to +70°C, which allows to destroy pathogenic microflora, helminth eggs and fly larvae. Due to the use of the drug fermentation time of organic waste is reduced from 6 months to 2 weeks. Automation technologies developed a series of tedder (agitator) machine "Composter".


Founded in 1991, Apicenna (Api-San) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. For more than 25 years, company has been passionately dedicated to developing, producing and selling veterinary drugs for treatment and prevention of small domestic animals, farm animals and birds. 

Product profile includes more than 200 items. Company is equipped with its own production and warehouse bases, quality control laboratory for incoming raw materials and finished products.


The Scientific and Innovation Center «Agrovetzashchita» was founded in 1993 and has been the leading manufacturer of veterinary drugs on the Russian market for more than two decades. High professionalism, use of advanced technologies and invaluable experience allow us to produce effective, safe and affordable medicines for animals.


Bioveta, a. s. (Czech Republic) is a modern European company producing:

Vaccines, serums, immunoglobulins for farm animals, including birds

Chemo-therapeutic preparations:

antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic drugs

coccidiostatics; antiinflammantory and hormones

immunomodulators, antioxidants, drugs regulating metabolic processes

anti-stress drugs

Biologically active additives (vitamin and mineral complexes, amino acids, enzymes) and growth promoters

Other veterinary preparations for treatment and prevention of diseases of farm animals, including birds

Provides veterinary and zootechnical services in countries where the products are delivered "Bioveta", including in Russia

Provides information support (specialized media, books, brochures)

Conducts research and development in the field of veterinary medicine

Releases on the market new drugs for veterinary use


Bühler is the global technology partner for the creation of efficient production systems, engineering solutions and related service in manufacturing of high quality mixed feed, premixes, aquafeed and pet foods. 

Bühler accompanies customers at all stages of their way, from the intake, cleaning, dosing, grinding and mixing of raw materials up to pelleting, packaging of finished products in bags and big bags or shipping in bulk.


Компания Сева Санте Анималь была образована в 1999 году из дочернего подразделения крупной фармацевтической компании «Санофи ­Авентис» (Sanofi­ Aventis). Головной офис компании расположен в Либурне, Франция.

На сегодняшний день компания Сева является одной из самых динамично развивающихся компаний и входит в десятку мировых ветеринарных лабораторий.

Основные направления деятельности - производство и продажа ветеринарных препаратов для птицеводства, свиноводства, крупного рогатого скота и мелких домашних животных. Компания имеет 12 научно-исследовательских центров, 25 производственных площадок, общий штат сотрудников превышает 5000 человек. Компания Сева Санте Анималь представлена в 46 странах и сотрудничает с компаниями более чем в 110 странах. 

Деятельность компании выходит за рамки исключительно заботы о здоровье животных и включает в себя такие направления, как борьба с распространением зоонозов, поддержка социальных программ и программ по защите биоразнообразия по всему миру, а также сотрудничество с научно-исследовательскими центрами и социальными организациями с целью повышения качества жизни людей и животных.


ZY machinery major in design and manufacture Powder Solid Preparation equipment. ZY combines believable technology, innovation and performance value. We are the best solid preparation process technology proposal for Pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health care products, veterinary medicine and additives.


Dosatron is the leading manufacturer of non electric proportional dosing pumps (medicators) for accurately mixing into waterlines any liquid chemicals: vitamins, supplements etc. You just hook it up on the water, set the ratio in %, and automatically the unit will dose the right amount, whatever is the flow or the pressure, very accurately, irrespective of flow and pressure variations. Official distributor in Russia - DanLen JSC: дозатрон.рф

FGBI Federal Centre for Animal Health (FGBI ARRIAH)

Federal State-Financed Institution «Federal Centre for Animal Health» (FGBI "ARRIAH") is a leading scientific research institution in the field of veterinary with a large scientific subject area, a modern scientific production basis and a high international status. The activity of the centre is many-sided: carrying out scientific research and epizootic monitoring, working out prognosis, making recommendations on animal health care, participation in the prevention and treatment activities, development and manufacturing of highly effective medical means for veterinary use.

FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” is given the following national and international statuses:

  1. OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease or the Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia
  2. OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases for the Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia
  3. OIE Reference Laboratory for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Poultry) and Newcastle Disease
  4. FAO Reference Centre for Foot-and-Mouth Disease for the Countries of Middle Asia and Western Eurasia
  5. FAO Reference Centre for Foot-and-Mouth Disease


Scientific institute of the Rosselhoznadzor responsible for quality and safety monitoring of veterinary medicinal products, feed and food of animal origin in Russia. 

VGNKI leads among Russian scientific centers in number of methods developed for identification of pollutants in food of animal origin.


VGNKI is an authorized body conducting inspections of foreign manufacturers of veterinary medicinal products for the GMP compliance. 


Giordano Poultry Plast SpA was founded in 1962 in Italy. The Company's line of business includes the manufacturing of plastic poultry equipment  for poultry as coops, feeders, drinkers, egg trays, pallets, containers etc. Giordano's products primarily serve the food and agricultural industries.

Giordano Poultry Plast SpA exports 95% of production in 65 countries of 5 continents since more than 60 years.

GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeraete

GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeraete GmbH - manufacturer of sprayers for private and professional use. GLORIA offers a comprehensive range of sprayers for demanding applications in industry, handcraft or cleaning. Especially in professional use, the highest demands are placed on these devices with regard to quality, functionality, application and equipment.


Our company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of Feed Ingredients, Additives and Raw Materials, as well as products for animal health. The products we can afford include Vitamins, Amino Acids, Phosphorus Chemical Products, Trace Elements, Functional Feed Additives, and Growth Promotion. The best quality and service is our advantage, we’d like to be your partner from China.


Idrobase Group is an Italian Company supplying integrated solutions for poultry and livestock farming for more than 30 years: misting systems for humidification and temperature reduction, dust suppression and odour neutralization inside and outside chicken and animals houses; high pressure washers and centralized high pressure cleaning systems and equipment for vehicles disinfection and washing to prevent the spread of disease and virus in animal enterprises Official distributor in Russia - DanLen JSC:


Jiangxi Kelem Biotech Co., Ltd is a growing holistic and integrated pharmaceutical company founded in 2011 that offers a package of solutions for your production. With the support of our professional regulatory affair team, marketing team and sourcing team, we have successfully developed many customers all over the world including Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.


The Kriofrost Academy is a daily updated Internet Portal created to provide practical support to specialists of the refrigeration and related industries.

The mission of the Kriofrost Academy is to unite all refrigeration companies with a common idea of building the refrigeration industry of the future.


NITA-FARM is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovating professional veterinary pharmaceuticals. The product portfolio includes more than 70 drugs. We offer our customers high quality veterinary products and efficient services. 17 unique products have international patents. Every 2-nd veterinarian in Russia chooses NITA-FARM products. The Company is represented in 17 countries.
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